review. – Galaxy S7 cases by VRS Design

Despite Samsung’s newly announced flagship being just a few weeks old, there is already a large selection of cases to choose from. Among them is VRS Design (formerly known as Verus), which has a whole range of very unique cases. These guys were kind enough to send us 3 styles: the High Pro Shield Series, the Triple Mixx Series, and the Damda Clip Series. Each of these styles come in a variety of colours, each complimenting the different colour options of the Galaxy S7. With our S7 being the Black Onyx, VRS Design sent us some beautifully complimenting colour options.


All three have large precision cut openings for the camera, flash and heart rate sensor, the headphone jack, micro USB port, as well as the mic and speaker holes. Button placement on all three of the cases is precise.

The High Pro Shield features a metallic outer ring of polycarbonate which contrasts the matte finish of the TPU portion. A portion of the back features a brushed looking finish for added grip the VRS Design logo can be found here as well. It is the thinnest of the three, we’d like to think it’s the sleekest looking of the three as well.

The Triple Mixx case is the most striking of the three. It consists of a unique clear ridged polycarbonate back, a TPU shock absorbing layer, and finally a metallic polycarbonate frame. The light grey TPU layer not only serves as an elegant detail, it also raised to protect both the screen and the clear polycarbonate back from scratches.

The thickest amongst the three is Damda Clip Case, it is also the most functional thanks to its card slot. It’s comprised of a firm matte black TPU case with button inlays and a metallic and smooth polycarbonate outer shell. The card slot with a money clip is where it gets its name from. The grippy matte TPU lining the slot secures the clip’s contents in place.

in use.

All three cases have ergonomics in mind, each without any sharp corners and materials that allow them to be easily slipped in and out of a pocket. Buttons are easily distinguishable and tactile, although those on the High Pro Shield felt a bit loose.

The large opening for the 3.5mm headphone jack allowed us to use a variety of different headphones, earphones, and other peripherals without needing to remove the case.

With the March air still being fairly brisk throughout most of Canada, many of us will still be using gloves. All three fared surprisingly well in our glove test. The High Pro Shield’s brushed backing and matte TPU finish allows for grip despite the slippery sides. The Triple Mixx case is aided by the unique ridged back, grippy protruding buttons and the matte finish on the TPU layer. The  Damda Clip case would be the more slippery of the three, thanks to its mostly polycarbonate body. However the matte finish of the TPU details in card slot and around the screen allow for some grip.

Removal of the cases seemed difficult at first, thanks to the very snug fit. Pressing down on one of the corners and repeating the process on the adjacent corner seemed to do the trick. The steps to put the cases on as also found on the VRS Design website.

All three cases feature a dual layered design, which feature a TPU layer for shock absorption. We don’t like doing drop tests but we’re pretty certain all three cases will fair well in this scenario.

The Damda Clip case’s money clip proved useful in our day to day thanks to the introduction of the Compass Card (a reloadable tap payment card) in Vancouver’s transit system. Taps were registered every time, and we never had to worry about any cards slipping out as the clip and lining held things firmly in place.


VRS Design’s cases are not merely cases meant to protect the Galaxy S7. The various types of cases they offer provide a variety of choices in a wide array of colours, all of which compliment the already beautiful Galaxy S7 in their own way.

We’d like to say a big thanks to VRS Design for sending us the High Pro Shield, Triple Mixx, and Damda Clip cases to review. VRS Design’s cases are available on and directly from their website, see the links below for details.

What do you guys think of the cases by VRS Design? Let us know in the comments below.


VRS Design / VRS Design Galaxy S7 cases / Galaxy S7 High Pro Shield Satin Silver / Galaxy S7 Triple Mixx Steel Silver / Galaxy S7 Damda Clip Dark Silver


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