Tech Applied was created by lovers of technology for lovers of technology. Being students ourselves, we decided to approach things from a more budget oriented perspective – We know what it’s like to be on a limited budget! We’ll check out and review things that we deem a good value, although there may be exceptions (we all need to treat ourselves every now and then).

We’ll be dividing articles into several categories:

  • back.tracka tread down memory lane, a throwback of past tech trends and devices
  • bits. news bits we just had to share with you
  • downloadapp deals and reviews from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • ear.candy – our picks in audio accessories, or a fresh new (or newly discovered) song we keep playing on repeat, or deals we’ve found on any one of the major music stores (iTunes, Google Play, 7digital & etc.).
  • we find around town or on the web
  • how.toa step by step article things we think might help you or on topics readers may suggest
  • impressionsour initial impressions of a new item, basically us savouring that freshly unwrapped, new box smell
  • my.saya writeup of our say on a new release or a current trend; more simply put, an editorial
  • off.beata slight deviation to our regular programming, whether it be fashion, design, or architecture
  • review.a detailed look into an accessory or device, we’ll give you our take and we’ll try to be as open-minded as we can, but hey we’re all entitled to an opinion right?
  • take.twoa second look at an item previously reviewed, because we all know that the real experience is after the honeymoon period
  • tech.bytes – a byte size (pun intended) curated summary of highlights in the tech and apparel world

Is there something you’re keen to know about, we’d love to hear your suggestions. We’re always looking for ways to improve Tech Applied, so give us a shout.