bits. – from today’s Windows 10 event

Here are a few things we took away from today’s Windows 10 event in Redmond.

Windows 10 will power devices from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops.

The interface for tablets and larger touch screen devices will be adaptive and can seamlessly switch from touch to desktop mode.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 & 8.1 users, the update will also be coming to all phones running Windows Phone 8.1.

Greater Cortana integration, Cortana is now added into the desktop experience.

  • Cortana will be built into the taskbar on desktop mode.
  • It can easily be launched via the voice command “Hey Cortana”

Universal apps are compatible with all interfaces, from phone to desktop.

  • Built in universal apps on all versions of the platform. The ui will be consistent on all types of devices.
  • Microsoft office apps will have universal app versions for phone and touch screen devices.
  • New photo gallery will sync content across devices and automatically create albums. It also features auto enhance.

Project Spartan is Microsoft’s new browser.

  • Note taking mode with several input options (keyboard/touch/pen) and clipping tools to pull out specific segments.
  • Reading mode which allows for offline reading and simplification of websites so they read like a book. It will also sync with phones or tablets for offline reading.
  • Cortana integration will function much like a smarter and more detailed autocomplete. Cortana will also pop up on certain website like that of restaurants. It also allows for right clicking on words in content and have Cortana look them up.

Enhanced gaming throughout Windows 10 with the Xbox app.

  • Social functions including all your friends on Xbox Live, messages and the activity feed.
  • Integrated DVR mode to record gameplay.
  • Introduction of DirectX 12 which will offer an up to 50%  increase in performance for games.
  • Cooperative gaming between Xbox One and Windows 10.
  • Stream games from Xbox One and play via a Windows 10 device.

Windows 10 will be coming to the Xbox One.

A new build will be available for Windows Insiders next week. Windows 10 will also begin to rolling out to mobile devices in February.

Microsoft also showed off two new devices, the Surface Hub and Microsoft HoloLens. The Surface Hub is a new large high resolution touch screen device aiming to enhance workplace productivity. The HoloLens is the first of its kind, a fully untethered holographic computer.

If you’d like to watch the entire live stream click here.

What do you think of Windows 10 so far?


Microsoft live stream / GSMArena


2 thoughts on “bits. – from today’s Windows 10 event

  1. It would take a colossal fuckup on Apple’s part in combination with a return-of-Jesus style incident on Microsoft’s part to get me to consider switching to Windows 10. There’s just nothing I like about Windows on a good day – and the one thing they used to have (consistency, familiarity) was destroyed with Windows 8 / Metro UI.


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