bits. – Photos of the unannounced HTC One (M9) leak

With HTC having sent out invitations for a launch event on March 1st, many are expecting the unveiling the next iteration of their HTC One line. The French site have apparantly gotten a hold of photos of the yet to be announced device. Although the photos have since been taken down we were fortunate enough to find re-uploaded images elsewhere.

The device, which we’re assuming will be called the HTC One (M9), sports a very familiar look. The face of the device bares minimal change from the M8. Although the side bezels have been shaved down, I myself am quite disappointed that the device retains the unnecessarily enlarged chin bearing the HTC logo.


Gone is the dual camera setup, which appears to have been replaced by a solitary and distinct squared camera lense. Photos also faintly show a larger lense surface which is promising and the dual tone flash makes a return as well.

As states that this still a prototype, there may be changes to the device announced in the March 1st. Until then we can only continue to speculate about the final look of the device and its specs.

Leave us your say in the comments below, is this a worthy successor to the HTC One (M8)?

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– Isaac G.


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