bits. – The Xiaomi Note is announced

The Mi Note and Mi Note Pro are the latest to be released by Xiaomi and are the first devices of their new Note line. Sure an enlarged flagship may be reactionary to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung’s new Note 4, but the Mi Note line does not at all look like a rushed product.front and back view

The Mi Note line features a large 5.7″ display (1080p Note/1440p Note Pro), 3GB RAM Note/4GB RAM Note Pro, 16/64GB of storage, a 13MP Sony camera with optical image stabilization and 3000mAh. The phone’s build is a mix of glass and aluminium. Like the Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus the front glass panel is curved at the edges, something Xiaomi calls 2.5D; the back glass panel has a more pronounced curve which they call 3D Glass. The Mi Note will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, while the higher spec’d Note Pro will have the 64bit Snapdragon 810.


Imitation may well be associated with Xiaomi’s past releases, but aside from the colour options which may be very inspired, we like the direction they’re going this time around.

The Xiaomi Note and Note Pro are definitely note-worthy, with their premium specs and beautiful design. It is modestly priced, starting at roughly $440 CDN for the Note and $635 CDN for the Note Pro. Sadly no word yet on whether this will make it’s way out of the Asian market. Until then we’ll have eBay and the many imported phone vendors there are out there to help us.


The Verge / MobileSyrup / Xiaomi (in Mandarin)

-Isaac G


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